Maha Nakhon Tower Fire

A little project I did for fun in my spare time at to get more used to pyro. Special thanks to my collegue Tony, who comped everything together.
The original plate is from:

Stock footage provided by Videvo, downloaded from
The helicopter was also stockfootage from shutterstock. Sound used and mixed from

The BMW X4 Studio

And here he comes, the all new X4. The project scaled 30% bigger than the X3. Something around 120 images were produced. Here are some of mine.

Reviderm Product Campaign

The product relaunched needed clean and visual appealing imagery as well as a solid pipeline, to generate over 100 differnet product images. in a flexible way. Houdini was the software of choice.

The BMW X3 Location

The very new BMW X3. The campaign was developed together with Serviceplan and Torsten Klinkow. Big thanks to the whole team and Torsten for the inspirations! We produced over 35 images. Here is an excerpt of my work.

The BMW X3 Studio

The very new BMW X3. Thanks to my great team. We produced over 90 images in total. Here is an excerpt of my work.


Procedural Blackberries in a simple still life. Thx to fredhopp for the ideas and the help. Houdini / Mantra

Be seated

Little Houdini practice. Some tests with Mantra & a procedural floor.
(couch model, Hay-table and bowl are library geometries).
Thanks to Chris Kelch for the info & help !

Rolls Royce Dawn – Configurator

Finally public!

For the launch of the new Rolls-Royce Dawn a completely refurbished look was done for the use in the configurator. I was on board the whole process along and did look- and workflow development. Here some excerpts of the possibilities.

If you want to configure it yourself:

Rolls-Royce Konfigurator

New York Style Loft in Barcelona

Live more beautiful…

I put down this architectural visualization of an industrial loft as a free project at the time working at Mainworks München. From modelling of the room and the interior parts (some are library models) over the creation of lovely crafted materials up to creative perspectives a 360° overview with endless possibilities of imagery develops.

Full CGI

Inspired from imagery from