Pixar Art Challenge – Finalist and Honorable Mention

Project Description

My entry for the 5th Pixar Art Challenge made it to an “Honorable Mention” and that fills me with great pride!

The Woodville Asset was delivered untextured and without any UVs by Pixar. The rest was done solely in Houdini by me, except for some assets like the luggage, the balloon and the trees.

Texturing in Substance Painter. Post in Nuke.

Around 150 hours beside my daily work and my family were a tough ride, but I learned a lot and had great fun on top of that.

And as usual I could blindly count on Houdini.

Here is the winner page:


Concept by Vasylina Holod. Model by Alex Shilt © Disney / Pixar – RenderMan “Woodville” Art Challenge

Project Details
Date November 2019
My Tasks: Everything
Postproduction: Himself